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[News Release] Confirmed skin regeneration effects of exosome from stem cell for the 1st time

– Observed skin regeneration effects of 3 times of collagen, 13 times of elastin, etc. – Published the paper on SCI journal, Experimental Dermatology   (PROSTEMICS=October […]

[News Release] Prostemics supplies cosmetics to global distributor, TECSO

Supplies 5 items of prebiotics biocosmetics to TESCO in Southeast Asia (PROSTEMICS=September 29, 2017) Prostemics (KOSDAQ 203690) announced that it contracted to supply cosmetics to a […]

[News Release] Prostemics entries to food material business

– Set up a new food ingredient factory using cell culture technology – The equity investment to Egnis, food developer & distributor to secure the sales […]

[News Release] Prostemics develops next generation lactic acid bacteria ingredient

– Selected as the innovative technology developer by the government  – Will produce new bio food materials for seniors   (PROSTEMICS=July. 21. 2017)   Prostemics (KOSDAQ […]

[News Release] Prostemics to develop plasma devices for hair loss with a Japanese company

In collaboration with Metras, a Japanese medical device distributor, Under the governmental support of about 500 million won for 2 years.     (PROTEMICS=June. 05. 2017) […]

[News Release] Prostemics develops medical device for hair loss Strategic alliance with Japanese distributor

To develop the prototype within this year… also launch portable device  (Prostemics=January. 11. 2017) Prostemics, Korean bio company, announced that they are going to develop medical […]

[News Release] Prostemics registered new technological patent for treatment of Chondropathy

– Developed the material promoting stem cell for chondrogenic cell differentiation – Submitted the IND (Prostemics=January. 05. 2017) Prostemics, Korean bio company, announced that they registered […]