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R&D Achievements

프로스테믹스 연구소에서 발표된 논문 목록으로 지속적으로 업데이트 되고 있습니다.
Article titleAuthorsYearJournal
Hair growth-promoting effects of adipose tissue-derived stem
Won, C.H., Yoo, H.G., Kwon, O.S., Sung, M.Y., Kang, Y.J., Chung, J.H., Park, B.S., Sung, J.-H., Kim, W.S., Kim, K.H.
Journal of Dermatological Science
Hair growth stimulated by conditioned medium of adipose-derived stem cells is enhanced by hypoxia: Evidence of increased growth factor secretion
Park, B.-S., Kim, W.-S., Choi, J.-S., Kim, H.-K., Won, J.-H., Ohkubo, F., Fukuoka, H.
Biomedical Research
Antiwrinkle effect of adipose-derived stem cell: Activation of dermal fibroblast by secretory factors  Kim, W.-S., Park, B.-S., Park, S.-H., Kim, H.-K., Sung, J.-H.
Journal of Dermatological Science
Hypoxia-enhanced wound-healing function of adipose-derived stem cells: Increase in stem cell proliferation and up-regulation of VEGF and bFGF
Lee, E.Y., Xia, Y., Kim, W.-S., Kim, M.H., Kim, T.H., Kim, K.J., Park, B.-S., Sung, J.-H.
Wound Repair and Regeneration
Protective role of adipose-derived stem cells and their soluble factors in photoaging 
Kim, W.-S., Park, B.-S., Sung, J.-H.
Archives of Dermatological Research
The wound-healing and antioxidant effects of adipose-derived stem cells
Kim, W.-S., Park, B.-S., Sung, J.-H
Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy
Evidence supporting antioxidant action of
adipose-derived stem cells: Protection of human
dermal fibroblasts from oxidative stress
Kim, W.-S., Park, B.-S., Kim, H.-K., Park, J.-S., Kim, K.-J., Choi, J.-S., Chung, S.-J., Kim, D.-D., Sung, J.-H.
Journal of Dermatological Science
Adipose-derived stem cells and their secretory factors as a promising therapy for skin aging 
Park, B.-S., Jang, K.A., Sung, J.-H., Park, J.-S., Kwon, Y.H., Kim, K.J., Kim, W.-S.
Dermatologic Surgery
Whitening effect of adipose-derived stem cells: A critical role of TGF-β1
Kim, W.-S., Park, S.-H., Ahn, S.-J., Kim, H.-K., Park, J.-S., Lee, G.-Y., Kim, K.-J., Whang, K.-K., Kang, S.-H., Park, B.-S., Sung, J.-H.
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Wound healing effect of adipose-derived stem
cells: A critical role of secretory factors on
human dermal fibroblasts
Kim, W.-S., Park, B.-S., Sung, J.-H., Yang, J.-M., Park, S.-B., Kwak, S.-J., Park, J.-S.
Journal of Dermatological Science