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[News Release] Prostemics develops next generation lactic acid bacteria ingredient

– Selected as the innovative technology developer by the government

 – Will produce new bio food materials for seniors


(PROSTEMICS=July. 21. 2017)


Prostemics (KOSDAQ 203690, CEO Lee Won Jong) develops functional food ingredients based on lactic acid bacteria using cell metabolites technologies.


The company announced on July 21 that it was selected as the company for the innovative technology development program of the Korean government with its ‘Development of new bio food materials for senior using a nanovesicles’ project.


Nanovesicle, also called “exosome”, is one of the cell metabolites and is the core medium in cell-to-cell communication. Many companies are trying to develop medicine and/or diagnostic techniques using it.


Prostemics has screening and extraction technologies of valid material from stem cell, animal and plant cell and bacteria. The company will develop new bio materials with much less side effects and improved effects compared to existing lactic acid bacteria products. The Korean government and Proestemics will invest total 700 million won for the research. Also, the company has a plan to introduce a large-scale bioreactor for mass production by the end of 2017.


Prostemics has researched core technologies of cell-to-cell signaling between various cells such as stem cells, animal and plant cells, etc. since 2005. The company confirmed the effects of anti-inflammation and intestinal pain suppression at irritable bowel syndrome prognosis in the government’s high value-added food technology development project in 2015, and led the results to the application of 2 patents.


An internal person of the company said, “This project signifies that we are extending the research of mechanism of cell metabolism of stem cells, etc. to the development of functional food ingredient, next generation growth engine. This ingredient will go beyond food to the medicine and cosmetic business.”